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Nano Silver Anti Bacterial Filter Mesh

Product Name: Nano Silver Anti bacterial filter mesh
MOQ: 5 Tons
Trial Order: Available
Paper Type: Release paper
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Product Details


Imported polypropylene is used as raw material, and the new filter material is made by special melt spinning. Products can reduce filtration resistance, increase the amount of dust, has low resistance, high efficiency, high strength, environmental protection and other characteristics. 


Product Description

Nano Silver Anti bacterial filter mesh characteristic:

1. Add the silver ion antibacterial agent to the mother grain, and then pull the wire to weave the filter screen, so that the filter can have the antibacterial property of each wire mesh.

2. High antibacterial performance, can reach over 99%.

3. The filter is easy to clean, and the antibacterial function does not decrease after washing.

4. The color can be woven and selected according to the requirements of customers.


Nano Silver Anti bacterial filter mesh advantage:

1. Broad spectrum antimicrobial sterilization and no drug resistance;

2. Powerful sterilization, can kill a variety of harmful bacteria in a few minutes;

3. Strong permeability, good sterilization for common bacteria, stubborn bacteria, drug-resistant bacteria and fungal infections;

4. The antibacterial and durable, nano silver particles are produced using patented technology, and there is a protective coating on the outside, so the antibacterial effect lasts for a long time.

Product Application

Nano Silver Anti bacterial filter mesh application:

All kinds of air conditioning equipment



Our Service

1.You can get the perfect material according to your requirement at the least possible price.

2.We have many years of experience in this field as we serve the highest level of quality.

3.The materials we provide are completely verifiable, right from raw material test certificate to the final dimensional statement.(Reports will show on requirement)

4.e-guarantee to give a response within 24hours(usually in the same hour)

5.You can get stock alternatives, mill deliveries with minimizing manufacturing time.

6.We are fully dedicated to our customers. If it will not possible to meet your requirements after examining all options, we will not mislead you by making false promises which will create good customer relations.

Packing & Shipping


Highly resistant packaging and quality seal, to guarantee the safety and quality of the product.

Primary packing: sealed plastic bag to protect the paper from humidity or moisture.

Secondary packing: carton or cardboard box to protect the paper from deformities. 

Third packing: wooden box to protect the entire lot during transportation.

Shipment type: 

1. Sea Freight

2. Air Cargo

3. Express delivery

4. Land Transportation

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